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SKARTIA is one of the leading software development company in india providing total web solution. Our services includes Dynamic website development, static website development, e-commerce website development, flash website development and Customize Software Development.

Static Website:

If you have a brochure website displaying products and services and that would not regularly need to be updated, a static HTML website is the best option for you. Static websites are written in HTML and the vast majority of our customers who have static HTML websites update their own website written content using a HTML editor. Most small businesses are better suited to HTML websites than a Dynamic solution. A static web page is an HTML document that is the same each time it's viewed. In other words, a static web page doesn't change in response to user input. Everyone who views a static web page sees exactly the same content.

Dynamic Website:

Dynamic websites are database driven websites that have numerous advantages. In this type website the web page fetch the information from a database. Most common example of database driven sites is online banking sites and most important fact is web page updates instantly if some change is database is made. Dynamic web page is an HTML document that's generated by a web application Often, the web page changes according to information that's sent to the web application by the web browser. When a web server receives a request for a dynamic web page, the server passes the request to an application server. Then, the application server executes the web application, which generates an HTML document. Next, the document is returned to the application server, which passes it back to the web server, The web server, in turn, sends the document back to the browser.

E-Commerce Website:

E-commerce websites is used to buy and sell of products & services using Internet through secure credit card processing.

Flash Website:

The use of animation in website design is a challenge - not so much in terms of the technical aspect as in the creative aspect. We add animation and interactivity to our clients' websites using Flash development taking your idea or concept to another level to give your products and services a unique identity.

Customize Software Development:

Custom software is a type of software that is developed for a specific organization. It is generally not targeted to the mass market, but usually created for companies, business entities, and organizations.

Web Solutions
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